As you [[#|prepare]] for professional development in your LEAs and Charters during the 2012-13 [[#|school]] year, please use the READY Template and include information, [[#|learning]] objects, and tools found on this wiki. All information on this wiki has been vetted.

If you have created [[#|presentations]], tools, and other materials for use in NCEES presentations, please send them to Kim Simmons to be vetted by the NCEES team prior to [[#|delivery]]. If you have questions, please feel [[#|free]] to contact Kim Simmons.

Getting Started

READY Template: Use this template for all NCEES presentations during the 2012-13 [[#|school]] year.
General Information Slides: These three slides, that include the State Board Mission, the P21 framework,
and the coherent [[#|plan]] for statewide impact, are components that can be used as introductory information.
READY icon.png

Purpose of NCEES Sub Team: Kim, Donna, Tara, DeLea and Dianne
Support North Carolina Principals and Administrators with the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System.

NCEES Sub Team Outcomes:
Use web-based, and face-to-face [[#|opportunities]] to:
  • Provide [[#|information]] and support for new users
  • Provide experiences for building clarity and fidelity with the standards and elements
  • Develop local capacity through area “super users”
  • Develop [[#|data]] literacy for fidelity and inter-rater reliability