Team Members:Kim, Tara, Donna, Abbey, Amy, Delea, Cynthia, Savon

Monday 8.12.13 Team Leaders Meeting- All PD Leads and EE Team

1. *Faye Gore has requested someone to present on August 15- Thursday, 12:45- 2:30 with chunk of discussion time at end (2-2:30)
North Carolina Geographic Alliance - short presentation on the educator evaluation instrument and how an organization like the NCGA can help teachers develop in the areas of content knowledge, being a leader, advocacy, and global awareness.
Over the course of the session, they hope to define what a teacher leader is and how the Alliance can provide leadership training that will enhance leadership qualities and recruit teacher leaders into the Alliance. The session will be held at the UNC Center for School Leadership Development in Chapel Hill.
2. On-line Tool webinars- update
3. IHE Presentations- combined 3 hours- Fine Tuning, On-line tool (brief)
4. Sandhills Presentation- August 30 Teacher Evaluation -Tara
September 12- Principals Evaluation- Abbey?
5. Updates to NCEES wiki- Kim
6. Updates to Fall Presentation Development

Website updates
1. Project Teams
2. Module Training for Administrators- need description- Abbey
3. READY Principals Meetings: I think we use CC 360 Videos and follow same format as SI with matching descriptors- what do you all think?
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 4
Design training around Standards 2, 3, and 4 for meeting
Late September – Early October
Staff will prepare training on the implementation of Standards 2, 3, and 4 in classrooms where the Common Core/Essential Standards are being taught well.
4. Crucial Conversations: Jessica
5. Vet Cultural Diversity Page- Delea

July 2013
1. Introduction of Freda Cole-Freda will not be joining us.
2. Addition of Sample Smart Goals to NCEES wiki
3. New Delivery: Process for New Administrators
I have talked with Geetanjoli about a facilitated module- I would monitor discussion board.
4. Cultural Diversity Page: Delea, Savon and Abbey
5. Link to RESA Calender from NCEES wiki
6. Review / briefing of NCEES SI Deliveries
  • Design Studio: Using the NC Educator Evaluation System - Donna and Tara
8:30 Wednesday morning
  • Remodeling Session: Understanding IRR- Dianne and Amy
  • Transitioning to the Online Evaluation System- Tara and Delea
June 2013

Projects for 2013-14

Module for New Administrators: Abbey Futrell

Educational Leadership in the 21st Century
How can education leaders support teacher effectiveness to improve student achievement? Educational Leadership in the 21st Century provides opportunities for you to explore and discuss school leadership in our students’ technological 21st century world. You will see examples of best practices, examine your own leadership behaviors, and develop strategies to better support your teachers.

Fostering Global Awareness: Jessica Garner and Tara Patterson
As we prepare students for college and career, knowledge of the world is invaluable. What are we doing to foster global awareness and global empathy in our classrooms? What responsibility do educators in North Carolina have to teach students about the world?
During the morning segment of this full-day session, we will share ideas for global education and examine the Final Report of the State Board of Education's Task Force on Global Education.
In the afternoon, we will focus on the correlation between global education and the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards. Participants will examine specific links to the observation rubric.
Participants may choose to attend either ½ day session or both sessions.

Intended Audience: The target audience for these training sessions is teachers and building-level administrators. It is also appropriate for curriculum specialists to attend.

NCEES: Fine Tuning Evaluation Ratings: Amy Blake-Lewis and Lee Ann Segalla


During the facilitated training, groups of observers will view a video of a classroom observation, mark descriptors observed during the observation, and document evidences to justify the marks. After the observation, participants will discuss evidences they collected, as well as why specific descriptors were marked. As a practice for continued improvement, teams of observers will use collaborative discussion to fine tune evaluation ratings. Upon building consensus on the descriptors marked during the observation, participants will collaborate to write a coaching plan for the teacher in order to help him/her grow professionally.

Intended Audience: Building-level administrators and Human Resource Directors.

NCEES Online Tools Webinars: Donna Albaugh, Delea Payne and Beth Ann Williams

NCEES ONLINE TOOLS Bi-Monthly Webinars
September 9 at 10:00 and September 10 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: Getting Started
Login, Set Profile and Settings, Self-Assessment, Goal Setting, PDP, Assigning Mentors, Peer Observation not Evaluation, Electronic Signature
November 11 at 10:00 and November 12 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: Completing the Teacher Observation Rubric
Full and Abbreviated
January 13 at 10:00 and January 14 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: Mid-Year PDP Updates
Co-Editing the PDP, Peer Review of PDP, Electronic Signature of PDP
March 10 at 10:00 and March 11 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: Completing the Teacher Summary Rating Form
Full and Abbreviated
May 14 at 10:00 and May 15 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: End of Year Wrap Up
Co-Editing of PDP at End of Year Review, Peer Review of PDP, Electronic Signature of PDP, Required Forms, Teacher Record of Evaluation Activities Report
June 3 at 10:00 and June 4 at 4:00
Online Evaluation Tool: Wrapping Up Principal/Assistant Principal Forms
Principal/Assistant Principal Self-Assessment (Required), Summary Evaluation Rating Form (Required)

Old Meetings

Old Meetings

6.6.12 SMART goals: