This 3-hour refresher session is designed for for experienced administrators to review the ratings, elements of a 21st century classroom, teacher coaching, and using the online tool with Inter-rater reliability.

Introduction, Agenda, and Overview

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Sunny Skies Middle School Welcomes New Principal!

Congratulations, you have just been named the new principal of Sunny Skies Middle School. Let's get you started! First, you need to learn a little more about our school.

Activity #1: Take a few moments to read the school profile, classroom specific expectations derived from the Sunny Skies 2012-13 School Improvement Plan, and teacher profile of Rose Carter, the teacher you will be evaluating today. This information can be found below.

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School Profile

Sunny Skies Middle School is a suburban middle school in our state. Of the 567 students, 33% receive free and reduced lunch. Sixty-four percent of students are white, 18% of students are black, and 12% of students are Hispanic, 5% are multi-racial, and 1% are Asian. During the summer of 2012, wireless internet was installed throughout the school. All classrooms have at least two desktop computers, and each grade level has two wireless carts for checkout. Six teachers wrote grants for classroom sets of laptops. Four seventh grade classrooms, and two eighth grade classrooms have laptops.

Sunny Skies Middle School made expected growth during the 2011-12 school year. The proficiency on EOGs was 82.1%. Professional development last year was focused around the new North Carolina Standard Course of Study, writing quality clear learning targets, and using informal formative assessment strategies to monitor and adjust instruction.

The teachers are excited about the professional development that is slated for this year. Not only will they continue their professional work around the new North Carolina Standard Course of Study, but they will also be receiving training on the 21st Century Classroom beginning in October.

Classroom Specific Expectations Derived from the 2012-13 School Improvement Plan

Sunny Skies develops their School Improvement Plan during the first workdays each year. Each teacher helps define the goals for the year. These are the classroom specific expectations derived from the 2012-13 School Improvement Plan:

  • Utilization of clear learning targets and informal formative assessment strategies

  • Implementation of the new North Carolina Standard Course of Study with fidelity

  • Emphasis on 4Cs of 21st Century Learning and student-centered use of technology

  • Increase attendance through clear communication with parents/guardians via E-mail and phone calls based on school-wide procedures

Teacher Profile

Rose Carter has been teaching 7th grade for 8 years at Sunny Skies. Her entire teaching experience has been in 7th grade at this school. She recently completed her master’s degree in middle grades literacy. Ms. Carter is well-liked and well-respected among both teachers and students. She is considered to be one of the most tech-savvy teachers on staff, and many teachers call on her for help with troubleshooting technology problems. She has her own set of laptops that she received from writing a grant with five other teachers at Sunny Skies. When asked by the outgoing principal, she provided two sessions of optional professional development on using technology in the classroom. She uses a classroom webpage to facilitate instruction daily and to keep students and parents informed. She is the volleyball coach, organizes the Fall Festival, and is the Teacher-Sponsor of the Battle of the Books team. Ms. Carter is on the abbreviated instrument for the 2012-13 school year. Last year was her cycle renewal year. She was not rated developing in any category by her previous administrator.

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