Inter-Rater Reliability of the Teacher Evaluation ProcessInter-Rater Reliability # 4

Front-loaded Resources on Earlene Permenter

Profiles (School, Teacher, Class)
Permenter Self-Assessment
Permenter Individual Professional Development Plan
Permenter Observation 1
Permenter Peer Observation

9:00 Welcome and Introductions, Review Resources and Posters

9:15 Observe Earlene Permenter - 5th Grade Mathematics Lesson
Earlene Permenter - 5th Grade Mathematics Lesson
**Must have iTunes to view the videos. The title of this video is Number Line Fractions.

Rubric for Evaluating NC Teachers

10:00 Break

10:15 Small-Group Discussion - Processing the Observation

10:45 Whole-Group Discussion of Rubric

11:45 Observation Closing Comments and Summarize Posters and Make Connections

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Coaching Review

Reflective Question Examples
Writing SMART Goals for a Monitored or Directed Professional Development Plan

Exemplary Example Directed Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan Form
1:30 Small Working Groups
          1. Writing Reflective Questions for the Post-Conference
          2. Prioritizing 2-3 Goals for Earlene
          3. Write SMART Goals, Action Steps, and Resources for Earlene's Professional Development Plan.

2:45 Creatively Present Your Plans

3:30 Closure