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Before doing this training, make sure all polls are cleared by logging into Poll Everywhere under the account. Password: instructech

Activity 2 Notes

Headings for Posters: Use these as headings for your Graffiti Write Posters. These statements represent Standard 4 elements A - H. Post each one at the top of a piece of chart paper. Under each heading, create a +/∆ for participants to write their responses.

What is Inter-Rater Reliability and Why is it Important? Discussion

I thought that maybe instead of leaving this up for open discussion, we could have them create open-ended responses is Poll Everywhere and then turn their responses into a word cloud to foster discussion. Then, we could pull out the big ideas and ask them where their school or district is 0-5 in terms of Inter-Rater Reliability, how they know, and what they need.

Directions for creating a word cloud out of responses to Poll Everywhere.

In another window, have the DPI Poll Everywhere account pulled up.
Pull up the question What is Inter-Rater Reliability, and why is it important?
Under Views, click Word Clouds.
Choose the word cloud of your choice, and follow directions.

(If you need assistance, let me know.)

Activity 3 Notes

We received some really good feedback about ratings. We certainly do not want to confuse our participants when it comes to ratings. We know that teachers only receive ratings on their Summary Rating Form and not following each observation. The principal/AP does use the rubric to mark descriptors that they see in the classroom while observing. To foster conversation, I had added Activity 3 where participants reviewed the descriptors and provided a rating. Some folks thought this was confusing because principals should never provide a rating until the end of the year. Based on this feedback, we have provided a second option. You will now note that you have an option of Activity 3A or 3B. Activity 3B is the original activity we shared during our September team retreat. Activity 3A differs in that participants click check boxes of the descriptors they witness during the observation. Then, the facilitator would go into the spreadsheet in Google Docs and create a bar graph for the participants to see which descriptors were viewed by the entire group. A group discussion could then ensure about the descriptors - which leads to Inter-Rater reliability.

Here is the link:

Directions for creating a bar graph out of data in Google Docs.

1. Click Form
2. Click Show Summary of Responses